Hospice Services

Hospice Services

Hospice Home Care

Hospice in the Pines, the only not for profit hospice orgainaztion in the Lufkin area, offers in-home care for patients with life-limiting illnesses. The primary emphasis is on ensuring a patient's comfort, thereby allowing him or her to remain at home as long as possible.

Following assessments in the areas of physical pain, emotional needs, spiritual issues, legal concerns and practical arrangements, the patient, his family and physician approve a plan of hospice care. By being involved in developing the plan, patients and their families are able to face the last stages of life with greater ease and confidence.

Our team of skilled professionals includes:

  • Medical Directors (5 currently on staff)
  • Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses—on call 24 hours a day
  • Social Workers
  • Patient Care Aides
  • Contracted Respiratory Therapists
  • Chaplains

This team focuses on treatment of the patient, not the disease. In addition to these team members, our specially trained volunteers assist in providing patient and family care services.

Hospice in the Pines provides a comprehensive and cost-effective array of services for the terminally ill, including:

  • Physical care, including medical and nursing services
  • Pain and symptom management (medications related to the terminal diagnosis)
  • Family education regarding care for a terminally ill patient
  • Practical care - for the patient and his family (bathing of patients, cooking, and light housekeeping)
  • Spiritual and emotional support for patients and families
  • Assistance with insurance paperwork and other financial concerns of the patient and family
  • Bereavement support

Costs for home care services are billed directly to Medicare, Medicaid or your private insurance company.

Hospice In-Patient Facility

When it is not possible to care for a patient at home, a nursing home or residential facility is an alternative. Brief periods of hospitalization may be necessary when acute symptoms become uncontrollable with medication alone. The Hospice in the Pines In-Patient Facility at Memorial Health System of East Texas in Lufkin can provide in-patient care as needed.

Opened in July 2005, the in-patient facility has five private bedrooms and is staffed solely by Hospice in the Pines staff. Designed for patients who are in need of crisis or pain management, actively dying or needing respite care, all admissions are assessed by the Director of Clinical Care or the Program Director.

Access to rooms is available at all times; however, a staff person must unlock the doors at certain hours due to Hospital regulations. Security cameras are available for staff to ensure patient safety. Private parking and a family room are both available for use by family members.

Today, as we celebrate 12 years of exceptional care in our inpatient unit, we are honored to share in the lives of so many special patients and their loving families. The inpatient unit is currently going through a rennovation phase and we are apreciative to occupy a space inside the awarding hospital of CHI St. Luke's Heath-Memorial.

Costs for in-patient care are the same as for homecare services provided by Hospice in the Pines. We bill Medicare, Medicaid or your private insurance company.