Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Hospice in the Pines is a wonderful place to volunteer.  As we seek recruit volunteers our team is honored by the invaluable services each member provides.  Hospice in the Pines Volunteers are a remarkable and dedicated group of individuals and an important part of our team.  They are drawn to hospice for many reasons, yet they share a common desire—to be of service and help others at this precious time of life.  Our volunteers visit patients, support loved ones during times of grief, and assist in our office.  They also speak about hospice services in our community, and join together to present exciting fundraising events.

Ways Volunteers Support our Work

Volunteer Visitors learn to provide companionship and emotional support to patients and families.  Like a friendly neighbor, Volunteer Visitors help take care of practical tasks or simply extend a hand to hold.  Volunteer Visitors may run errands, help prepare a meal, read to a patient, offer light massage or just share some quiet time.  Their presence can make it possible for a caregiver to take a needed break for a few hours.

Grief Support Volunteers are understanding listeners.  They know that grief is a normal process that follows the death of a loved one.  And, they know that each person’s experience of grief is unique.  They offer guidance through individual peer support.  They also lead weekly grief groups.  These volunteers serve both Hospice families and the larger community.

Staff Support Volunteers fill an important role in making sure Hospice runs smoothly and efficiently.  They help with office tasks, assist with events, and deliver needed supplies to patients and families.

Speakers Bureau Volunteers are trained to speak with local groups about hospice care and grief support services.  They represent Hospice in the community and help answer questions about hospice care, grief support, and advance healthcare planning. Learn more about the Speakers Bureau Training