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We Honor Veterans: Colonel Bill Fortune

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

At 91 years of age; Colonel Bill Fortune is an exceptional American hero who served in the United States Air Force during World War II. This impressive and decorated serviceman was one of two siblings in his family to serve in the United States Military. Collectively, members of his immediate family, including himself, total more than 120 years of military service. Colonel Bill Fortune was one of the first air pilots to fly into an active hurricane over 70 years ago. Today, with the significant devastation of hurricanes in the United States, we recognize the tremendous value of assessing the passage of active hurricanes and his leadership as well as legacy is truly exceptional.

As Colonel Fortune is confined to his hospital bed, constant reminders of his great military service are captured by photos, awards, and his strips, yet it is the pictures above his bed of B-29 airplanes that bring him the most joy. He becomes elated when reflecting on the amazing airplanes. Col. Fortune acknowledges the privliege to provide service and protection to American, it is his integrity that is recognized by the members of Hospice in the Pines. The "We Honor Veterans' program is for men and women such as Colonel Bill Fortune whom the members of Hospice in the Pines hold with such adoration for his love, loyalty and leadership for his Country. Colonel Fortune served as a co-pilot for a total number of 36 years in the United States Air Force. He is a native of Lufkin and has been active until his diagnosis of cancer, yet his lovely and beautiful spirit truly remains forever cheerful to all.

We honor Colonel Bill Fortune and pin his history in the United States Air Force respectfully.

Jacob Thomas, LMSW - WHV Program Coordinator

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