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Lizzie Wallace Memorial Children's Grief Camp


Grief Camp

The Camp gives an opportunity for children to learn healthy coping skills and on how to honor a loved one during their birthdays or anniversary of the death without shame or guilt. Through this camp experience, we desire to have fun, alleviate distress, and restore hope.

The Lizzie Wallace Memorial Grief Camp

is tailored to help children process their grief after a loss of a loved one. Our goal is to help children recognize their feelings by providing them with skills necessary for healthy coping, and allow them to connect with other children who are also experiencing grief.

The Team

The Lizzie Wallace Memorial Grief Camp is led by Hospice in the Pines licensed social workers, counselors, certified grief coach and bereavement specialist. In addition, they will be supported and supervised by trained staff members as well as volunteers of Hospice in the Pines.

"Colors of Grief"

This camp provides an invigorating method to how we think of death and dying while providing remarkable resources to address how children grieve. Our team builds upon the support system for youth suffering the loss of a loved one. During this impactful camp everyone will become vibrant and empowered in ways to understand their feelings. The "Colors of Grief" will allow the children to explore their thoughts through the art of colors.

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