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COVID-19 Commitment

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

On behalf of Hospice in the Pines, Incorporated, please know it has been our vested interest to protect and secure our patients, families, staff and volunteers against the spread of the coronavirus. I can say with extreme pleasure that our organization has been extremely successful over the last year in maintaining a very effective COVID protocol. By developing a systematic approach in providing quality care with extensive safeguards we have experienced no significant occurrences among our patients or families. From the onset of the vulnerabilities impacting our nation by the pandemic, we immediately cultivated a plan to assure our patients and their families would not be affected by the care we provided. It is with sincere honored to acknowledge that we have lived up to our dedicated initiative.

Hospice in the Pines, Incorporated doing business as (Hospice in the Pines) has set the standard in end-of-life care for more than 35 years. We have proven our commitment to designing a program that supports every patient regardless of their personal economic status. Hospice in the Pines values the families that have entrusted us to care for their loved ones and we reflect that compassion by training our staff to demonstrate true integrity. Hospice in the Pines is invested in being a successful organization who is committed to making every patient a top priority. We have been a staple in the community for years and since our inception we have cultivated a mission that has complimented our selflessness.

We realize how very difficult this last year has been for people around the world and we have worked diligently with our National Hospice affiliates and our State Hospice alliances to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of our professional peers. While the last sixteen months have caused unpleasantries, we have also observed some amazing victories. As our team has extended their helping hands to support the many experiencing loss, it has been comforting to see coworkers embrace one another with the labor of love we have established as our foundation of hope. Patient’s individually and collectively remains the reason we have invested so much into getting it right the first time. We recognize our patients have been through so much and our desire is to ease their pain and enlighten their lives with a ray of sunshine.

Our team cares about you and we would love to receive an invitation into your life.

Hospice in the Pines a labor of love undertaken by our Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers.

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