“I have visited hospice care in other states. There is not another hospital or end of live care facility that I have visited that even comes close to the care my mother received at Hospice in the Pines. They provided 21 days of continuous dignity. Mother was in no pain, she was in a very clean environment with an excellent staff of caring people who went way beyond what was required. I cannot thank Hospice in the Pines enough for allowing me to witness the right way to die.” Beth Shellhase,
Daughter of Clarice Willis
“My mother-in-law, Billie Ruth Davis, was at Hospice in The Pines about ten days before she died. I could not have been more pleased with all the nursing staff. They treated Mrs. Davis and family like were were their family or honored guests. They were very attentive to Mrs. Davis' comfort needs. Even your director made a visit to the room, and we had a great conversation.” Jerry C. Woods,
Son-in-Law of Bille Ruth Davis
“In April of this year, my Dad lost his 17 year battle with cancer. But in the months preceding his death, Hospice in the Pines enabled our family to care for him at home instead of a nursing center. When in January Dad became bedfast, Hospice in the Pines provided not only the hospital bed, necessary pain medications and medical supplies needed for his personal care, they provided a support system that gave my mom and our family the opportunity to care for Dad at home in an atmosphere surrounded by love and kindness.” JoAnn Williford Tyler
“I have nothing but the highest praise for the Hospice staff—from the counselors and RN's down to the aides. They were most considerate, caring and understanding. ” Gladys Thippen,
Daughter of Ira Della Russell
“Your actions demonstrated not only that you knew what you were doing but that you felt love for your work and dedication to your patient. Your visits improved Jay's quality of life during his last weeks and days. ” Molly Locke and Family
“The nurses who were with us were angels. I will always remember how kind they were during every phase of death. ” Dorothy C. Brothers,
Wife of Robert G. (Bob) Brothers
“I don't think I could have made it without your physical help, advice and comforting words. ” Mrs. John Nutt
“Hospice in the Pines was a tremendous blessing to my husband and me. They ensured our every need was met by their extended healthcare services. The nursing staff and counselors were wonderful, but the volunteers saved my life. They stayed with my husband while I tended to business. What a blessing Hospice in the Pines is! ” Evola Sims
“Your sweet smiles, gentle ways and God-given talents not only helped Mom through her painful days but also encouraged and brightened Dad as he managed his responsibilities. ” Patti Corcoran,
Jo Nell Treadaway, Daughters of Ruby Cummings
“Everything my father needed or wanted was invariably anticipated by the staff. When he wanted something unusual like a hamburger, a box of donuts or even CDs of old-fashioned gospel/country music, y'all were never fazed. The staff either went after the item or directed us where to go. ” David Brown,
Son of H. R. Brown
“When your favorite person in the whole wide world doesn't have much time and you're doing your best to make her comfortable but feel like you're failing, there's hope. For us it was a good friend that said she was calling Hospice in the Pines. All of a sudden there was equipment delivered, and the most caring staff arrived at our door and rescued us. Our last days spent together were made so special and easy by the caring staff of Hospice in the Pines.” Jerry Highnote