About Us

Our Vital Mission

Hospice in the Pines is a program of comfort care available to those patients and families residing in the East Texas Area.  The mission of Hospice is to strive in all ways possible to relieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain brought on by a life-threatening illness with the highest level of integrity.  The mission of Hospice is a labor of love willingly undertaken by the staff and its volunteers.

Our Vision

Hospice in the Pines is dedicated to providing quality end of life care to our community.  Our vision is based on our communities need and we value the interest of those we serve.  Committed to excellence for 31 years and counting.

Our Values

Hospice in the Pines is honored to place high value on the professional staff, volunteers, and business partners who ensure this programs success.  Daily, our team is strengthened by the innovative process to enhance patient care.  We strive for excellence and elevate standards to achieve exceptional outcomes.  Hospice in the Pines is a premier healthcare program.

Our Virtue

Hospice in the Pines prides itself on setting the standard for ethical and moral business practice.  Hospice in the Pines extends care to all persons regardless of their ability to pay.  Our customers, vendors and community recognize the impressive practice demonstrated by each member.  Join the team that seeks your values and complies with what is right.

Our Vocation

Hospice in the Pines only appoints professionally trained and licensed personnel to care for you or your loved one.  No needs are ever unmet and each associate must meet competent compliance before assigned to duties.  Hospice in the Pines has multiple tenured associates and holds many outstanding accolades for successful employee achievements.

Notice of Privacy

Hospice in the Pines protects and safeguards all patient information and wants all to know that your rights as well as wishes will be respected as it relates to your healthcare information.